Don't Leave things up to Chance, Get Life Insurance today

Life Insurance is something we don't want to think about but we need to have. No matter your age, everyone needs life insurance. If something happens to you, make sure your family is protected and not burdened with financial costs. Life insurance is also an investment that can be used for a number of things during your lifetime. We can help you plan a Life Insurance program that fits your needs and meets your goals. We offer a variety of policies for you to choose from:


Personal Insurance

Everyone needs personal insurance for those extra things in your life like apartment insurance, mortgage, or coverage on personal debt. Personal insurance can even be used to create an estate and save a nest egg for your loved ones in the future. Call us to learn more! 423-639-0288

Business Life Insurance

If you have a business partner or a key employee that is detriment to your business you need to have a policy on them. If something were to happen to that person, this policy would give the remaining owners a payout to help keep the business going. If you have questions, contact us today.


Term Life Insurance

For those looking for an affordable option to life insurance, term life insurance allows you to pay on a monthly basis and the policy is only for a limited time. If you have question on the difference contact us today.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance may cost more than term life but builds up cash value whereas term life insurance has no cash value. There are no term limits and it will last your entire life. This is most guaranteed protection for those that you leave behind. For more information call us at 423-639-0288